Migraines. Headaches. Painful. Must know. 2 secrets to cure it.

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Migraines. Headaches. Painful. Must know. 2 secrets to cure it.

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Migraines, life-threatening headaches Let's look at some ways to treat migraines. in order to recover from this painful condition soon

Migraine sufferers know that when the headache comes on, how shaken especially in summer more severe symptoms Because the hot weather is a cause for this disease to exacerbate. Although it is not a serious disease, it still needs treatment. Therefore, providing tips on how to treat migraines in the village doctor's magazine will be able to recover from this painful disease.

Migraine: a painful but not fatal disease.

Migraines occur in about 10-20% of the general population, beginning in adolescence and young adults. And after that, there is a chance of relapse from time to time until after age 55. There are not many people who may be for the rest of their lives. As for how often, it depends on the individual who has the opportunity to experience a relapse more or less.

even with frequent relapses but does not cause any serious complications just make you feel sad sound of work may have to take frequent leave from work

The predominant symptom is a throbbing pain (according to the pulse) mostly on one side of the temple. A small percentage may be at the same time on both sides and can often be palpable. The veins on the temples are dilated and enlarged than usual. Often accompanied by nausea Symptoms will worsen when exposed to light, sound, or moving around. If left unattended It will be a continuous pain for 4-72 hours, then it will be relieved by itself. Pain does not interfere with sleep. is sleep at night But after waking up, the pain will continue until the full range of it.

Migraines, painful headaches, hot weather, this is easy to relapse.

This disease exacerbation is an inherited disorder. But every time it relapses, there will be a provoking cause. Most of them are mechanical stimuli with all 6 senses. Each person has multiple stimuli. But it doesn't have to be the same for everyone.

Common exacerbations include:

Eyes: bright light, bright light, sunlight, sparkle long gaze

Ears: loud

Mucus: Various odors, including chemical odors, coffee odors, perfume odors.

Tongue: some foods and medicines such as animal offal, seafood, sausages, ham, Chinese sausage, beans, foods with MSG. Alcoholic beverages, sour products, oral contraceptives, sleeping pills

Body: very hot, very cold, stuffy weather (before the rain), too hungry, too full, sleep deprived, too much sleep, tired, busy, menstruation, pain elsewhere (eg wounds, stomachaches)

Tips for treating migraines

There are 2 items:

Migraines, painful headaches, hot weather, this is easy to relapse.

1. Immediately take painkillers as soon as you feel a recurrence.

Some people may have early warning symptoms, such as strange vision (flickering or blurry vision). Others have dizzy or throbbing pain. Before the pain is throbbing, take painkillers immediately. Do not wait more than half an hour for symptoms to occur. Which the drug will be less effective and will have pain for a long time. After taking the drug, lie down or sit in a quiet room, dim light, and airy. and temporarily stopped all activities Symptoms usually subside within 30-60 minutes.

Painkillers, including paracetamol, 1-2 tablets at a time, although it is a basic drug, but if you know how to take it at the right time (Eating as soon as symptoms appear) can help comfort up to 70-80 percent.

If you try to use it properly, it doesn't work. You should consult your doctor, who may give you another type of painkiller instead. There are several options to choose from. If it works, use it as directed by your doctor. Drug samples should not be taken to buy and consume by yourself. because if used excessively Will become addicted to drugs and some drugs, especially those containing ergotamine. have side effects causing narrowing of the arteries throughout the body If used continuously for a long time or in combination with certain drugs It can cause severe narrowing of the arteries. It can be dangerous, for example, the leg lacks blood supply. (until the necrosis has to be removed), coronary artery disease, etc.

2. Observe what causes the recurrence.

and find a way to avoid It will help the symptoms disappear, such as do not sleep, do not eat at the wrong time. don't get glare or excessive use of your eyesight (eg using a smartphone or computer). Do not drink alcohol. Do not take oral contraceptives. (If necessary, switch to oral contraceptive pills instead), etc.

if unavoidable and then relapsed until the sound was broken very often should consult a doctor Your doctor may consider prophylactic oral medication that should be taken every day for 3-6 months.

Migraines, even if they come and go, are chronic for a lifetime. But it is not a serious disease. The danger is caused by the wrong use of drugs, such as overdosing, addiction, and the dangers of certain drugs. Therefore, the medication should be strictly used as prescribed by the doctor.

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